How is the stock market divided? There are several segments of the stock market that must be considered when you want to buy or are interested in the shares of a specific company listed on the stock exchange and if it is present in the stock market indices.

The Primary Market

First issue bonds are placed on the primary market. This is an open stock market, where the shares of a company are offered and sold for the first time and is the same company that issues them on the market. All movements are monitored by analyzing the macroeconomic calendar.

The Secondary Market

On the secondary market, investors negotiate the securities already in circulation, without the company that originally sold the stock is directly involved in the transaction.


Being listed on a primary market is a source of credibility for a company and this in turn leads to interest for traders towards the company. The primary market is dominated by large investment institutions, such as investment banks, hedge funds, etc.


The purchase and sale of the shares held by investors is the most typical idea of ​​the stock market, even if the securities make their debut on the stock market primarily on the primary market. Over-the-counter market (OTC) The OTC market, also known as trading outside regulated markets, allows investors to participate in the buying and selling of securities from a decentralized market.


Decentralized means that the purchase or sale transaction takes place between two parties, such as the trader and the broker.